Pylon Audio


Meet Pylon Audio

Polish manufacturer of loudspeakers

Music since time immemorial, has been our faithful companion. It constitutes a variable, a liquid matter. Over the years, is has been influenced by, fashions and styles. There is however a thing that characterizes its constancy, and the only static component of music is the sound.

Who we are.

We were created out of passion and love for music. Continuous contact with sound has sharpened our sensitive sense of hearing to the extent that we decided to professionally deal with the electro-acoustic industry. We combined our forces, the visible result of which became the company Pylon SA, established in may 2011. Since then, we have been constantly working towards achieving the cleanest sound with the most distinctive color. Basing on unfailing motivation and many years of professional experience we’ve been designing speakers, speaker sets and related products, which will in the most perfect way cope with the sublime sound wave.

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We create speakers, with virtuosity and full commitment, that we deliver to you, so that you can happily develop your passion