about us

eCloud is your one-stop destination for robust business security solutions. We believe convenience, comfort and automation is the key to achieving unsurpassed success. Therefore, our business security solutions are designed, created and developed according to the specific needs of business domains.

eCloud was conceptualized with an aim of industrial upliftment. We worked in close collaboration with some of the industry-leading software professionals as well as technology integrators. The prime objective was to create a complete array of tech integrations for business ventures. Although our solutions primarily targeted business security aspects, we extended our support towards ensuring effective business communication.

Our mission

Unlike our contemporaries in the market, we at eCloud have a strong mission statement and compelling vision for our company. As one of the pioneering business solutions providers, eCloud aims at fostering impregnable security in workplaces. From biometric access control to video surveillance, our solutions play the pivotal role in preventing nuisance in your office. We know what a secured workplace can do for your business. Therefore, we aim at ensuring complete security for both human and business resources.

Our vision

eCloud does not place itself in the run for revenues. Nor do we aim for the highest rank in the market. Rather, we have a simple yet remarkable vision for ourselves. At eCloud, we believe in the 3E’s.


We believe in the power of technology. Our highly efficient team of experts embraces the latest tech innovations and quickly integrates it with your existing business application.


We believe there is no alternative to profound expertise. Apart from extensive knowledge on state-of-the-art tech integrations, we also pride on our hands-on expertise.


We believe our experience is the key to your safety. Hence, we combine dedication, passion as well as professionalism while developing business security solutions.

The team

eCloud takes great pride in its team of experts. Apart from in-depth knowledge and unquestionable expertise, our highly skilled professionals also possess intense market experience. As the desired outcome, they are capable of comprehending your specific requirements and delivering perfect solutions. Some of the unique qualities possessed by them are:

  • Dedicated approach towards integrating business security, building automation and business communication solutions.
  • Timely installation of security systems along with delivery of automation solutions
  • Perfect access to both human as well as tech resources
  • Transparent approaches in solution integration projects
  • Constant efforts towards ensuring perfect client satisfaction
  • Comprehensive security solutions combined with futuristic approaches

Our system solutions

Quality happens to be a major factor, when it boils down to building workplace security. At eCloud, you will have precious little to worry about the quality of our solutions. Our solutions development team makes sure that you enjoy optimum convenience, comfort and control over your employees as well as your office. With us, you will be at the receiving end of optimum flexibility and ease-of-operation.

A business with a human touch

eCloud strives hard towards promoting a collaborative environment for all-round development. We are ready to embrace technologies and human resources alongside keeping the environmental values intact. Associate with us now for unsurpassed experiences at work.