Telephony Solutions

Huge or colossal business ventures often find it difficult to coordinate and execute all necessary operations from a single location. It is during such times that companies broaden their extent by building branch offices, remote departments and second campuses in separate locations. Although the even distribution of departments along with delegation of operations prove to be highly beneficial, it also becomes imperative to ensure clear communications.

With a clear comprehension of the fact, we at eCloud solutions offer IP telephony solutions to numerous business establishments. Whether it is for striking convenient communications within your organization or with other locations, our IP telephony solutions will emerge as the best technological aid.

Understanding IP Telephony

Before the arrival of IP telephony technology, businesses depended on the traditional circuit-switched connections. Data transfer through these connections was not secure enough, thus creating the need for an advanced communication solution. eCloud’s IP Telephony Solutions utilize packet-switched connections from Internet Protocol. By using it, entrepreneurs find it much easier to carry out secured communications along with the safe transfer of fax, voice and other communications.

Reasons for choosing our telephony solutions

Active and engaging communications happen to be the critical success factor for every business establishment. The present times demand unified communications, and we at eCloud strive hard towards offering that. Our Telephony solutions are designed for enterprises of diverse sizes and infrastructural backgrounds. With our worthy associations, you will inevitably realize resilience, security as well as scalability of operations within your businesses.

We promise to offer you the advantages of a converged network for interconnection.