Office/Home Automation

Your personal and professional lives demand nothing but unsurpassed comfort and convenience. When it boils down to ensuring that, we at eCloud stop at nothing but the best of everything. We know what superb convenience and ease-of-operation can do for you. That is the reason we extend innovative and end-to-end automation support for your dream abode as well as your lovely office. Whether it is the HVAC or the LCD screen in your office, our integrated office automation system will offer smart control, thus promoting energy efficiency like never before!

Our automation solutions

With our integrated office automation system suites, you will achieve complete and flexible control over numerous facilities. Opt for our solutions and transform your home and office into an unparalleled living as well as working experience. The main characteristics of eCloud’s home/office automatons solutions are:

  • Intelligent and smart controls for lighting, sound, room temperature and blinds
  • Turnkey home/ office automation solutions for all kinds of buildings
  • Complete control over security shades, audio-video programming as well as energy sounds
  • Access to video contents across channels and the power to stream contents from everywhere and anywhere

Why to choose eCloud

Office automation solutions must ensure smart and comfortable living. At eCloud, we work hard towards offering you an exceptional living experience. Our solutions steer clear of complexities and blends seamlessly into your existing lifestyle. When complete peace of mind and reliability is all that you wish for, we at eCloud emerge as your true partners. Our innovativeness and ingenuity lie in:

  1. Simple solutions: eCloud strives hard towards offering single-point controls for a gamut of facilities including shades, blinds, curtains, thermostats, HVAC, music systems, home theatres as well as security systems. You click, blink and the job is done!
  2. Personalized approaches: We know your office is different from that of your friends. Therefore, ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is something you will never find with us.

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