eCloud is your one-stop destination for robust business security solutions. We believe convenience, comfort and automation is the key to achieving unsurpassed success. Therefore, our business security solutions are designed, created and developed according to the specific needs of business domains. eCloud was conceptualized with an aim of industrial upliftment. We worked in close collaboration with some of the industry-leading software professionals as well as technology integrators. The prime objective was to create a complete array of tech integrations for business ventures. Although our solutions primarily targeted business security aspects, we extended our support towards ensuring effective business communication.

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Access control system as the name indicates decides about the entrance and exit of a person into the system and out of the system. It also works on the rule of when and where a person should be admitted to enter or exit. In the past it was done by a lock and key but there is a clear flaw of it that these lock and keys can’t tell about their users and copying or transferring key and playing a bluff is very easy. Mechanical lock and key system doesn’t provide any prove/ record about the non-empowered person using the key or entering into the protected area but our modern and upgraded access control system contains all the records about the person entering or exiting the specified area.